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It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives forever, and we are all still struggling to adapt to the new normality. Although it seems that the virus is here to stay, it won’t be long before we all get vaccinated and try to go back to our “former normality”. Still, we’re not […]

Do I need to Hire a Property Manager?

It is undoubtedly one of the first questions that pop into mind when buying rental property for the first time. Becoming a property owner comes with many expenses and responsibilities to consider, even before getting your hands on the keys. And once you gain full ownership, the real struggle begins. From the tedious paperwork, accounting, […]

Black History Month from the Real Estate Perspective in Atlanta

Black History Month is one of our nation’s most significant milestones. Atlanta, known for Black excellence and historic contributions to the Civil Rights Movement, is one of the best cities to celebrate it. Many local attractions, events, tours, and charitable opportunities honoring the city’s African-American community occur across the city. Despite Black History Month may […]

Time to File for Homestead Exemption!

When owning a property, you must be aware of all the obligations of owning an estate. It doesn’t matter if you inhabit or rent the property, whether it’s a residential or a business, or even if you don’t occupy the property, there are always taxes to be paid; no one can escape that. However, being […]

Why use a Property Management Company?

If you’ve recently invested in a property or are thinking of doing so, that question is surely rounding your thoughts lately. Hiring a management company is a thoughtful decision for some owners who see it as an avoidable expense. Still, when you think about all the responsibilities involved, you’ll realize that those tasks are not […]