3 Beauties of Property Management

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth. The American Dream is the pursuit of happiness and the opportunity to win. Dare I say acquiring a piece of land and the opportunity to build wealth off said land is as American as apple pie on the Fourth of July?

As the Property Ninja, President and Broker over at Sovereign Realty & Management; I have the pleasure of helping investors realize their American dreams of real estate ownership and with relative ease. If you are a real estate investor; consider the following reasons why you should seek out property management:

  1. Built-In Structure:    Property Management Companies should have the infrastructure to help you solve all your problems. As an investor you are responsible for creating and formulating leases, applications, notices of entry, screening the applicants, and having to know and abide by the landlord tenant laws in your state. Also management companies have an extensive network of vendors and contractors that will instantly be in reach; instead of you having to go it alone. Can you imagine the level of response and care the vendor would show to a property management company that calls on them several times a month versus only the 1-2 times a year (if that) if it was just you alone? Not to mention the volume discount savings that are passed on to you as well.  Relationships are everything!
  2.  Time Savers:  Let’s face it, being a property manager is a full time job; with very little time off. Managing your property takes away time from pursuing other things like finding other properties or having time to pursue other business ventures. A good property management firm helps you save your most valuable asset: YOUR TIME!
  3. Outsourcing Problems:   In the business of real estate investing there will be headaches. You will encounter difficult tenants and problems with the properties, it’s a part of the business and an aging property. It requires thick skin and lots of knowledge on how to navigate these problems. Let a property management company stand between you and your tenants. Property management helps to facilitate a happy investor and an even happier tenant.

As a real estate investor going alone; you lack a true support system. Don’t get me wrong you can do it, but why force it when you can outsource it?

Learn more about the Property Ninja and Sovereign Realty by visiting us here.

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  1. Angela Beth
    Angela Beth says:

    Property management is essential for the value of your property. If you don’t pay proper attention then the value of your property go on decreasing. If you don’t have sufficient time for your property management then hire the services of professional property management companies which can serve you with best services.

    • Karen Hatcher
      Karen Hatcher says:

      Absolutely Angela! Our goal as property managers is to increase and create value in property. It’s not just about collecting rent, but ensuring the property is well maintained and making the proper investments for long term profitability. What are some of the steps you take to maintain and improve value in your properties?

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