Karen Hatcher, Broker for Sovereign Realty & Management and Mike Boyce, Chairman Cobb County Commission

Chairman Mike Boyce says, “Now is the time to invest in Cobb County!”

Atlanta REALTORS Association (ARA) and the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS (ACBR) Director, Aaron Johnson, and the Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) kicked off the new year with distinguished guest speaker Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Boyce. Residential and commercial committee members were all ears at a joint GAC meeting as Commissioner Boyce addressed development throughout Cobb County.


Karen Hatcher, Broker for Sovereign Realty & Management and Mike Boyce, Chairman Cobb County Commission

Karen Hatcher, Broker for Sovereign Realty & Management and Mike Boyce, Chairman Cobb County Commission

Highlighting Cobb’s infrastructure of 4 lane highways, water and sewer, I20 & I285 intersections and $475M in New Residential and multi-use permits in unincorporated Cobb County among many other supporting statistics, he wasn’t shy about boasting significant growth over the past few years and plans for the next five to ten. It’s no secret the new Braves Stadium and Battery has resulted in a notable increase in land value and tax gains. So it follows the cost to live in the Cumberland area has also risen to a premium level in the past four years. Not to mention the Battery is still under development so there’s more opportunity yet.


In all fairness Commissioner Boyce also mentioned the increase in calls from the not so happy residents over the increase in property taxes. Admitting he empathizes with his constituents watching his own ranch property reach an all-time high in value, he knows growth will have some undesired effects.  Commissioner Boyce also stated that there will be no high speed rail in Cobb County, so don’t look for that infrastructure development coming up 75, however he did state that they will have expanded bus service.


Well-documented expansion of East and West Cobb aside Commissioner Boyce asked his REALTOR audience to encourage clients to take a strong look at the South Cobb area as well. “We have two great mayors in Powder Springs and Austell that get it,” he said. Ensuring infrastructure is in place before development hasn’t always been the priority. He insists South Cobb leadership has been taking proper steps to prepare the area for new construction, redevelopment, and a host of residents to follow. New FedEx and HD Supply facilities are just a couple of the companies expanding their operations in South Cobb.

With all that’s taking place around the Atlanta Beltline and city center transition it can be easy to concentrate business intown. However, with new construction, redevelopment, improving infrastructure, jobs, and healthy long term plan – it seems Cobb County checks the right boxes to stay on the radar of both real estate agents, investors and homebuyers.

We want to hear from you! Which counties outside of Fulton do you think are the hottest for both residential and commercial real estate?

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