What is this “Atlanta Beltline?”



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For the past couple of years there has been much talk about the Atlanta Beltline and its impact on the City of Atlanta. Everywhere I looked, there was a new article, or video, or forum discussing its development. As more information came out I quickly become intrigued and excited about this mysterious beltline and took to doing my own research and investigating.

To summarize my findings, The Atlanta Beltline is a major redevelopment project designed to connect Atlanta with trails, parks, and city transit. The Beltline will promote walkability, sustainability, and economic growth.  The image above gives a glimpse of the projected outline out of belt line around Atlanta’s perimeter.  So what is causing all of the buzz? Well, the answer is multifaceted. Here are a few of the highlights of the project:

  • 22 miles of pedestrian friendly rail transit
  • 33 miles of multi-use trails
  • $10-20 billion in economic development
  • 30,000 permanent jobs
  • Public art

Thanks to this massive redevelopment project, investors are looking to buy into undeveloped areas along The Beltline while the price of the land is lower in order to yield future returns and appreciation. The East Side of the Belt Line has seen tremendous development and redevelopment with the creation of restaurants, condos, and homes causing property values to soar. There is a high level of anticipation and expectation for the similar appreciation as The Westside Beltline nears completion in 2017.

If you are not already invested near The Beltline don’t worry it’s not too late! The Beltline is projected to be completed by the year 2030 so there is still time to invest in emerging areas!

We have a team of experienced experts in  Real Estate investing as well as construction, rehab, and flipping homes to assist in finding the best investment deals. We also have relationships with lenders that are experienced in rehab loans and loans specifically for projects in the City of Atlanta. The Atlanta Beltline is exciting! Give us a call to find out more information about investing in Atlanta and along The Atlanta Beltline and how we can assist you!


Learn more by visiting:  beltline.org .

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  1. KCI Kitchen Remodeling
    KCI Kitchen Remodeling says:

    I really like this project as I think it will be great for the city. As somebody who takes an interest in real estate in general, I also like the fact that the property surrounding this area will increase in value as well. I think we need to do something as I really hated to see some of the Atlanta Olympic sites get dumped as if it was just a regular event. Sure some things are still here but for the most part, can you barely even tell the Olympics were even held here. I really think it is a shame the city didn’t do more to preserve some of these things.

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