From Renting to Home Ownership



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I recently had the opportunity to attend a lunch and learn presented by Jonathan Smoke, the Chief Economist for about The Real Estate Economy. The information he shared was very informative and I want to take a moment to discuss a couple points that stuck out to me the most!

It is cheaper to buy a home than to pay rent in 77% of the country. 

Although renting seems easy and convenient, in the long run it’s much more expensive!  Renting has a direct effect on your privacy, creative freedom, and robs of you of the opportunity to have ownership and equity!


I know that purchasing a home can seem overwhelming; but all you have to do is take these steps to help get the ball rolling.

Step 1: Get pre-qualified! Go to your bank, credit union, or trusted lender to get this information.  If you do not have a trusted lender, please reach out to me! I have access to lenders that can assist you with the prequalification process and also assist those who currently do not qualify to get on the path to become qualified!

Step 2: Hire a REALTOR. A major point that Jonathan made during his presentation is that, “finding a home in the right neighborhood takes effort and turns out the best with the help of an expert local REALTOR!” Once you determine the amount you are qualified for, find a REALTOR, and don’t try to do this on your own.

Step 3: Find your home, make an offer, secure your financing, insurance, and closing costs. Having a REALTOR in place negotiating and working on your behalf makes the process much easier. Statistically speaking, the best decision you can make for your financial well-being is to take the first step toward home ownership.

I would be honored to assist you in taking that first step to owning your own home by connecting you with one of my trusted lenders and helping you through each step of the process!

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