The Benefits of Joining the Sovereign Realty & Management Referral Program

Managing rental properties and associations doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.  To manage real estate effectively and efficiently, you must have the proper technology and systems in place. The current upswing in the real estate forecast is opening up doors for more enterprising real estate professionals; don’t allow the day to day management of your properties to slow you down. Allow Sovereign Realty & Management Referral Program to alleviate your work load, alleviate your stress, and open up your time to more profitable opportunities.

  1.  Partnering with Sovereign Realty & Management allows you to handle your client’s immediate needs without losing a future sales commission. When it’s time for them to sell, we refer the purchase back to you.
  1. When you send a referral to our team, we’ll provide with clear documentation outlining the terms and conditions of our agreement. You’re protected for the long haul.
  1. Don’t entrust a client’s home to just any property manager—instead, partner with an experienced firm who delivers impressive results and sensational service.
  1. Every time you send a client in our direction, you’ll earn a referral fee based on the service they select. Protect your future sales and earn more income in the short term. Can you think of a better arrangement?

Today’s market is all about outsourcing duties to free up time for you to profit on what you do best; this is where the Sovereign Realty & Management Referral Program can help alleviate duties, stress, and help you make more money!

Let us take care of all of your leasing, property management and association management needs so you can focus on what you do best!

Let us be your trusted Property Management resource!  Send us your Referrals Here.

* In the State of Georgia, referrals can only be earned by licensed brokers.