Real Estate Resolutions


Real Estate Resolutions!

Ah, the start of the year is so full of promise. January first we decide to get healthy, become more organized, and start getting serious about our financial goals among many other things. We commit to projects we’ve wanted to complete for years and finally start saving up for that dream vacation. The only problem is…today – when February comes around and we haven’t gotten started.

I attended an amazing financial growth event last month – Wealth Building 2018 hosted by The Tookes Group. The TTG Flipology team hosts some of the best real estate, investment, and generational wealth cultivation events in the city! Please look them up. The session speakers were all industry experts. They touched on everything from the home buying process to investment strategies, insurance protection to credit status, financing options and more. There was so much great information and I saw many attendees walk out feeling fully encouraged. My only hope was that we would stay motivated long enough to take at least one or two of the many steps we learned that day. How do we turn that key and make our real estate goals come to life?

Maybe you are a renter wanting to become an owner, a new family looking to upgrade or make home improvements, a future investor seeking a rental unit, or even a retired couple wanting to downsize. No matter your desired outcome and circumstances, I’m here to tell you what you may already know…there’s simply no magic or secret formula.

Consistent and modest actions will get you right where you want to be in good time. With that said here are 3 micro-actions, small steps, you can take right now, today, to make progress on your real estate resolutions.

Step 1: SPEAK Your Goals

It never fails that we underestimate the power of stating our aspirations aloud. “My goal is to own my first home by the summer of 2019 on the East side of town next to The Park of My Dreams.” Say it and be specific. Tell a few people or many. Allow your family and friends to share in your vision. They will offer suggestions, hold you accountable, and be your support as opportunities unfold. Most importantly they can help you celebrate the success surely to come!

Step 2: WRITE Your Goals

Written goals bring clarity and motivation. What can be seen can be shaped. Brainstorm on paper, a whiteboard, or your cell phone. Make a copy of those goals and tape them up where you can look at it every day. Consciously and unconsciously you will start to move in the direction of your dreams.

Step 3: Take One ACTION On Your Goals Today

Today we will let go of the long list and just take one step towards the goals we’ve spoken and written. Drive your favorite neighborhood. Sign up for a home buyers program to help prepare you for ownership. Get your credit status by downloading your annual free credit report. Make an appointment with a real estate expert so you can have someone walk you through the entire process. Again, the point is to do one little thing that doesn’t take much time today, but will ripple into motivation, clear next steps, and therefore results down the line.

Speak. Write. Take one action today.

These small but powerful moves can change the course of 2018 and beyond. Let’s stop making the same resolutions year after year. Let us check off these achievements and write DONE so we can make room for new ones.


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