Expert’s Chair: My Advice on The Art of Lead Generation for Real Estate Bees

By: Karen G. Hatcher, CPM®

Karen G. Hatcher, CPM®

Let’s face it, the real estate landscape is a dynamic dance. Staying ahead of the swarm requires more than just buzzing around listings – it’s about proactively seeking opportunities before they bloom. And one nectar-rich strategy I absolutely adore? Pre-emptive foreclosure prevention. Allow me to explain. 

When we help homeowners navigate the pre-foreclosure maze, we’re not just securing leads, we’re planting seeds of stability in our communities. We’re offering them an alternative to losing their home-sweet honeycombs, a chance to find a sweeter solution, like a well-timed sale.

I was asked to give my expert opinion on the subject of lead generation in real estate about foreclosure cases for 

“Realtors are always conducting lead-generation activities. Suppose that an agent lists homes for sale, running potential foreclosure queries through various industry software that Realtors have access to. In that case, Realtors can generate a list of potential foreclosures and reach out to those owners to see if they know the market value of their home so they can choose to sell vs. foreclose.”

Homeownership is the bedrock of building personal wealth and community, and realtors like us play a vital role in protecting it. This isn’t just good business, it’s good karma. By preserving homeownership, we’re not just filling our pockets, we’re strengthening the branches of the housing market, ensuring it thrives for everyone. Thriving communities are born from diverse, stable communities. 

Think about it: with this strategy of partnership, we can cross-pollinate with other industry real estate “bees”. Partnering with investment-focused realtors, for example, opens up a whole new hive of potential clients – think savvy investors seeking wholesaler connections or flip-worthy properties. It’s a win-win-win situation: we secure leads, they get deals, and the market buzzes with happy bees!

Lead generation isn’t just about chasing listings, it’s about cultivating a healthy ecosystem; and building communities. Just think about the referrals you could get from a homeowner that you were able to prevent foreclosure by referring them to a mortgage assistance program or selling instead of foreclosing.  You would have guided them to review all of their options that didn’t leave a long-term stain on their credit, but offered them a way out or a way to preserve what they’ve built.  I’m sure they would be highly likely to spread the goodwill that you just blessed them with.  By leveraging industry tools to sniff out pre-foreclosures, partnering with diverse experts, and, of course, spreading the ministry of homeownership, we can build a stronger, happier housing market for all.

I dive deeper into this hive of opportunity over on, so take a peek, and let’s keep the buzz going! 

Remember, friends, the sweetest success comes from working together. Let’s build a thriving hive, one pre-foreclosure prevention at a time!

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