How to choose a good property management company?

In our last week’s post, we helped you decide if you should hire a company to manage your real estate properties; at least that was the intention. Did we succeed? Probably we did, and that’s what brought you this new entry. But if you’re still wondering if you should hire a property management company, then we suggest you take a look at this post first.  

Yes, I’m ready to hire a management company…

Although hiring a property manager will raise your monthly costs, now you know that it is more likely an investment. Having someone taking care of all the obligations and tasks involved, like dealing with maintenance issues or difficult tenants, payments, etc. means that you’ll have more free time, save money, increase the likelihood of your success, and eventually, get more income. We agree on that, right? Next step: Finding the best property managing company!

How to choose a good property management company?

The property management business has been around since forever (well, basically since some great visionary got the idea), so to this day, there’s a vast list of options out there. We wouldn’t dare to suggest that WE ARE THE BEST PROPERTY MANAGING COMPANY -though we’ve been listed in the Top 30 out of 327 by Still, since we’re based in Atlanta, you may be reading this in Los Angeles, Miami, or even in another country! So believe us when we say that we really want to help you, even if you don’t choose us as your trustable managers. Anyway, here’s a quick list to help you select a good property management company. 

  1. Find a company with a good reputation.

 It may sound obvious, but we all know how marketing pushes us to make bad decisions, from buying a lousy shampoo to electing the wrong politicians. So, avoid getting dazzled with what a company says about itself, and search for what the customers say. It is also easy to do a quick search on specialized media to find hints to help you make the right decision.

  1. Experience is the name of the game

 A good property managing company should have a team of masters of their craft with a background based on years of practical experience that fully understands your property and the land it was built on. Also, they should be experts in finding the best ways for you to profit from your investment. 

  1. Hire one that does it all; all in one is best 

Property management companies are not like those miracle all-in-one products; in our business, it is better to find a company that provides integral solutions: From advertising and marketing strategies, handling emergency repair requests, monthly rent collection, full accounting support, and even eviction enforcement, amongst others. 

  1. Find a company that understands your investment

Most companies know how to manage lots of properties simultaneously, but not all know how to handle all kinds of property. Since they will act on your behalf to preserve the asset’s value and generate income, they better comprehend your real estate, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

Last but not least:

  1. Hire a company that will be there for you

We believe in providing our customers with a level of value and service that shows we truly understand that we are the steward of their investment. We’re always there when they need us and in the background when they don’t. So be sure your company listens and takes care of you. 

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