Painting Between Tenants

Dear Property Ninja,

What are your thoughts on Painting between Tenants? Is it a necessary evil when it comes to maintaining rental properties?


Looking at Paint

Dear Looking at Paint,

Great question so many landlords face this dilemma every day when it comes to turning a unit and making it move in ready for new tenants. Nothing turns off a prospective tenant more than scuffed, dingy, chipping, and dirty looking walls. Well, maybe an odor, but remember we are in the business of renting homes and helping our prospective tenants feel at ease and comfortable enough to put an application in to lease your unit.

Clean and Function are my 2 basic fundamentals when assessing for move in ready properties. Is the unit clean and is everything including fixtures and appliances functional.

Rule of thumb when a previous tenant moves out of your rental property, be prepared for painting between tenants. You should repaint or touch up paint the property for the incoming tenant. This helps improve the property’s appearance, overall cleanliness and makes it easier to assess for damages at move out. It is often easier and less laborious on the painter if they can just roll the walls out versus trying to guess where spots are, which could mean a break in cost. Remember a clean home is a happy home! Quality tenants like clean properties, so this will also make your property more attractive to more qualified tenants.

Whether the property manager must repaint in between tenants depends on the landlord-tenant laws, housing laws, or consumer laws of each state. I feel that painting between tenants is best for the property and the tenant.

*Property Ninja Tip: Use the same neutral internal paint color on all your rentals. This will make it easier to touch up paint and roll out walls without having to color match every time. You can also just buy this paint in bulk and keep in on site.

Hopes this help you!

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